Straight Talk! Prepaid Cell Phone Service Review

A few months ago, I switched over from Verizon to my good old friend Mr. Prepaid. I’m famous for switching cell phones and contract providers at the drop of a hat, so I wanted to wait a while before writing any kind of review on the service. I also wanted to do this to hopefully sway a few people I know who have been dissatisfied with their current cell phone providers.

So, let me first start with pricing. This is the real reason people go with prepaid phones, they’re cheap. And with this current economy studies have shown more and more people are dropping the 2 year contracts and saving money where they can. But how much is this particular service? Straight talk prepaid cards come in two different flavors, a 30 dollar card that gives you a month of service, 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 30 mb of data. (if anyone is wondering I check my email and Facebook on my phone every day and have only ever used 2 mb of data in a given month, so 30 is plenty for most people I think). The other card is 45 dollars, and that gives you unlimited everything. That’s right unlimited EVERYTHING. I have yet to see a major cell phone company come close to this, the lowest being sprint. Boost mobile has a unlimited evereything prepaid plan for 50, but that is still five extra bucks a month for the same thing.

The first thing people think of when they hear prepaid is usually the old fashioned flip phones and horrible service. While straight talk’s phone selection isn’t huge, it does have enough for every type of person. It has a standard clamshell phone that every is familiar with, a more advanced slider, an even better side sliding model with a full keyboard, and recently they released a blackberry form factor device, along with a full touch screen phone. So there are plenty of decent options available. I personally have the slider with just the standard keypad as I don’t use my phone as much as I used to, I love it, the phone is sturdy, has great battery life, far better reception then any blackberry or smartphone I’ve ever used, and the little thing can take a drop and come out undamaged.

As far as the service goes it self, I mentioned above, my phone gets great reception, even in the craziest cell phone dead zones, and I have never had a dropped call to date. Switching my old number to the new prepaid service took five minutes with their convenient web service. They send you plenty of text reminders when it’s time to refill but not so many as to get annoying in my opinion. But best of all your unused minutes and texts will roll over if you choose to just stick with the 30 a month plan, I currently have around 5850 minutes banked and around 5000 texts just because I’m such a light user, so if there ever was a month I had a lot of talking to do, I still wouldn’t need to shell out an extra 15 bucks for the larger prepaid card.

All in all it’s a great service, it may be slightly more expensive then other prepaid services like tracphone and net 10 but I think you get far more and better service for your money.

Thanks for reading, have a great one!

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6 Responses to “Straight Talk! Prepaid Cell Phone Service Review”

  1. Is this true? what I read about straight talk prepaid card? Does it have roll over mins?
    Thank you.

  2. It does indeed, one of great benefits of the service. However you do have to keep up with your service dates though. If you let your prepaid time run out you will loose any banked minutes. They have a new feature called straight talk reserve which lets you add a prepaid card to your account and it will automatically be used on the last day of service to keep your account going. Or you can choose to set up a debit or credit card to your account and have your bill charged to that automatically to keep all your minutes. Hope this helps!

  3. Can you tell me if I can use a different prepaid card every time to fill my mins, or do I have to keep using the one I started with. (straight talk )

    THank you very much

  4. No you use a different card every time. You basically either go to Walmart and buy a prepaid card good for 30 days of service time, and when the time is up you buy a new one. Or you can choose to go on the website itself and just charge the time to a debit card. Best of luck with the new service!

    • Thank you so much for the info. This is all new to me.They have me coming and going. I was told by them that I have to keep using straight talk card, and they don’t have rollover mins. Do you know if I can switch to Net10 card? they have rollover minutes. I didn’t know that some perpaid phones have rollover mins and now I would like to change to Net10 card. Also I didn’t know that Walmart was the only store that carrys straight talk card no other stores has straight talk cards.
      Thank you Thank you so much.

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